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[[Agent #18 (puppet) finishes the introduction he started in the last strip, as the new leader of the U.G.A. moves out of the shadows and next to Agent #18.]]
Agent #18: Colonel Lionel Barker.
Colonel: Good evening, ladies and gentlemen... or I suppose it should be good morning.

Colonel: For those who do not remember me, I was involved very early in the formation of this organization. "Amadeus" and I hand picked a number of you, but I also see a large number of new faces.

Colonel: [smirking] I left the U.G.A. early on, disillusioned by a number of... disagreements in its management. This, however, was unfair of me. I am proud to see how far each of you have come.

[[Justin and Maddie, sitting in the back row, are watching and listening, still in shock. Justin is scowling in fury, his fingers crunching into the armrests of his chair as he fights rising to his feet.]]
Colonel: [off-panel] Therefore it is an honor to return and take command once more. I am looking forward to working with every one of you.

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