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[[Colonel Lionel Barker continues his description of the "new threat" facing the U.G.A.]]
Colonel: In order to combat this threat, we must be suspicious of everything... and everyONE. And while I have always had the utmost faith in all of you, sadly I must say that even one of you may be among the afflicted... and my not even know it.

[[While his audience murmurs apprehensively to each other, he continues.]]
Colonel: As of this moment, this facility will be in lock-down until every agent has been screened. Each of you must undergo a series of tests to prove you have not been compromised. Any agent found to be compromised will be detained for further interrogation.

Colonel: We have developed an effective way of identifying those afflicted. The screening is actually simple and will only take a half hour at most. And to prove its safety and effectiveness, I and the senior staff will be first to be screened.

[[Justin's scowl is still in place, but Maddie is now eyeing Justin suspiciously.]]
Colonel: [off-panel] Only after the U.G.A. has been proven "clean" will we be able to effectively combat this threat. Until such time, every one of us -- myself included -- must be regarded with suspicion.

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