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[[Trish and Patty are following Dwayne back to his office, but before they get there they find Nega-Nick (masquerading as "our" Nick) in the hallway.]]
Dwayne: Ah, Nick. Ladies, you're on hold for a bit. Trudy should already be inside.

[[Dwayne enters his office, where he and Nega-Nick join Trudy. Trish and Patty wait at the door.]]
Duane: OK, folks. While everyone else is busy closing up the work we're doing for Dobbson, we need to be looking forward to our next tasks.

Dwayne: We have new requirements coming in from both Goodman Rubber and Springfield Tire. I'm splitting you four into pairs to tackle each task.

Patty: Sir, if I may make a request...
Dwayne: [sternly] I already know what it is, Patty, and it's denied. You're working with Trish on the Springfield docs. No buts.

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