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[[In a meeting between Dwayne, Trish, Patty, Trudy, and Nega-Nick (masquerading as "our" Nick), Dwayne has just informed Patty that she'll be working directly with Trish. This hasn't gone over well with Patty...]]
Patty: [to Dwayne] But --
Dwayne: [arms crossed, looking at Patty sternly] You heard me, Miss Johnson. We have priorities, and you two are the ones who are available.

Dwayne: Goodman Rubber is our top client, and our next job for them will be huge. I want our top people on it, and that's Nick and Trudy. Their experience with this customer will be critical to our success.

[[Patty glares over her shoulder at Trish as Dwayne continues off-panel.]]
Dwayne: Trish is an analyst, but she can't work on the Goodman Account for... other reasons. She'll need tech help from someone who's already worked with Springfield. You're the only dev available, so tag, you're it.

Dwayne: I'm not sure what your issues are with Trish, but I don't care. You have a job to do. If you need inspiration on how to work professionally with a former adversary, you don't have far to look.
[[While Dwayne doesn't directly point at Nega-Nick and Trudy, they're framed behind him in the panel and it's obvious who he's referring to.]]

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