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[[Patty just tried to hide from Trish (but was "outed" by Fooker), and Trish is trying to talk to her about it.]]
Trish: P-p-p-please, P-Patty, w-why are y-you t-trying to avoid m-me? I-I d-don't--
Patty: [interrupting] Can the Rodger Rabbit bit, Marshall.

Trish: P-Please d-don't m-make fun of m-my s-s-stuttering. I-I c-can't h-help it and I'm v-very s-self consci--
Patty: [interrupting again, and turning to angrily face Trish] Like I'd believe THAT. I've HEARD you speak clear as day.

Patty: [furious, waving her finger right in front of Trish's face] You think I've forgotten how you horned in on my blind date with Dexter? Called me a pushover? Lied about your "schizophrenia"? Tried to steal Nick away from Ki? Fat chance!

Trish: [shying away from Patty] B-b-but I-I d-didn't d-do any of th-those--
Patty: [interrupting again] You're a FRAUD, Marshall, right down to the fake stutter and "amnesia". You might fool everyone else, but I'm not buying it!

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