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[[Patty is walking the hall at GPF headquarters when she hears a conversation taking place around a corner.]]
Voice: [off panel] S-so you've n-never been to one? You sh-should! They're r-really fun!
Voice: [off panel] I've always meant to, but didn't know of any nearby...

[[Patty rounds the corner and finds Trish and Dex talking.]]
Trish: Th-there's one up in S-Springfield this weekend. It'll b-be a r-rush to find a costume this late, but I have a f-few ideas.
Patty: What's this now...?

Trish: [excited] A r-renaissance fair! S-since I'm new in t-town and d-don't know anyone else going, I a-asked Dex!
Dex: I'm free, so why not?

Patty: [aside, to Trish] Funny you didn't ask anyone ELSE to go...
Trish: [eyes narrowed] W-well, I DID, but SHE t-turned me d-down. "N-not my c-cup of absinthe," she s-said...

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