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[[Evidently recovered from her surprise at Trish's costume, Patty dons a hat that covers her long hair just in time for a knock at the door.]]
Trish: [smiling] Th-that should be D-Dex. C-can you l-let him in?
Patty: What's he dressed as? Henry VIII?

[[Patty opens the door and finds Dex, wearing a full friar's robe and sporting a tonsure. She hides most of her grin behind a hand.]]
Patty: Why, if it isn't Friar Dex...
Dex: Good morrow, mi'lad! Or is that... mi'lady in disguise...?

Dex: [breaking character] That's a great costume! I barely recognize you! You look great!
Patty: [bowing] Well, it's Trish's handiwork...
Trish: [interrupting, off panel] Dex! How w-wonderful!

[[Dex sees Trish's costume, and his face goes slack.]]
Dex: Uh... You... look nice...
Trish: [seemingly not noticing Dex's consternation] As d-do y-ou, kind s-sir...
[[Patty's look shoots daggers at Trish with a sideways glance.]]
Patty: [Under her breath] Flash some boob and they turn into neanderthals...

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