General Protection Fault: Scylla and Charybdis

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[[Trish has just returned after fetching the jar of bacon grease that Fred requested. As she nears Dex and Patty their phones all <<BLORP>>.]]
Trish: G-got it! S-so... W-where are we going?
Fred: [to Patty and Dex] It's OK. You can fill the newbie in.

Patty: Ever since Fred became famous, a stalker named "Socrates" has been calling him and hounding him for information. A while back, he called here and we traced his number to an address.

Trish: [looking concerned] Y-you're g-going to c-confront him? Isn't th-that d-dangerous?
Patty: That's why we've got Dex.
[[Dex adopts a ferocious expression, growling and clenching his unoccupied fist.]]

[[Trish smiles, and reaches up to pat Dexter's cheek. Dex smiles, but Patty glares a bit in response.]]
Trish: L-lovable, huggable ol' D-Dex is your "m-muscle?" Who'd b-be afraid of H-HIM?
Fred: Worst case scenario, my plan is to call for "Operation Belly Flop".

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