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General Protection Fault: Scylla and Charybdis

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[[In the abandoned junk yard office, Dexter is frantically trying to reach the"cold and slimy" thing that has jumped onto his back.]]
Dex: I-it's crawling toward my neck! I've almost--

[[Dex grabs hold of whatever "it" is, and hurls it to the floor in front of him.]]
Dex: GOT IT!

[[Trish watches "it" (which looks suspiciously like another slime mold) start to scurry away.]]
Trish: I-it's t-trying to g-get away!
Patty: Not if *I* can help it!
[[Patty grabs a dirty mayonnaise jar and dives across the room, dropping it over the top of the escaping creature, trapping it. All four of them gather around the jar and its imprisoned contents. We can barely see the top of a slime mold that looks just like a darker version of Fred.]]

Patty: [eyes wide in surprise] Oh, my god...
Trish: W-what is it?

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