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General Protection Fault: Scylla and Charybdis

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[[Justin continues his narration of what happened during the screening process at U.G.A. headquarters. We see Justin and Maddie O'Hara (Agent #12) whispering to each other as they watch people entering and leaving the screening room.]]
Maddie: [whispering] Same as the others: Disheveled, vacant stare...
Justin: [whispering] And mysterious stains around their shoulders. Did #324 have those?

Maddie: Couldn't tell. She wore a tank top in, but had a jacket on when she came out.
Justin: #414 wore his "wife-beater" in, but a hooded sweatshirt out.

Maddie: So far we haven't proven anything, aside form these "screenings" being rough on clothing.
Justin: [scowling] And that #18 is present for every single one.

Maddie: NOW are you starting to believe me? Whatever's up, HE can't be trusted.
[[Agent #18 approaches, smirking.]]
Agent #18: Are my ears burning...?

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