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General Protection Fault: Scylla and Charybdis

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[[Justin continues his narration of the events in the U.G.A. tunnels.]]
Justin: I'm not sure what surprised us the most, finding the aliens in the base, or how quickly they moved...
#6626068 (Planck): [adopting a martial arts stance] I know Venusian Aikido...
[[In the background, #3141592 (Pi) facepalms in exasperation.]]

[[The perspective shifts back to the scene Justin is describing. We see Justin and Agent #18 laying on the floor. Agent #18 is unmoving, while a snarling Justin is being restrained by #6626068.]]
#6626068: [Whispering] This one's clean, 314!
#3141592: We KNOW this one isn't. But it's unconscious.

#3141592: [Whispering] That doesn't mean the PARASITE isn't listening, of course. So listen to me carefully, Earther. The time for subtlety is over. I'm only going to offer this once.

#3141592: [Getting right in Justin's face and whispering] Your base is compromised and your planet invaded. You can trust no one here now. If you want to live, you'd better come with us.

References: "Venusian aikido"
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