General Protection Fault: Scylla and Charybdis

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[[Justin and the two Greys have been surprised by a trio of U.G.A. agents, one of which is Maddie O'Hara (Agent #12). All three hold drawn pistols, aimed at Justin and the Greys. Maddie is evidently the one that spoke in the last strip.]]
"Maddie": [smirking] Of course, some forms are more convenient than others. I assume you find THIS one pleasing...?

Justin: [snarling] What have you done with Maddie?
"Maddie": Oh, she's fine, I promise. She'll prove most useful to us... as will you. Come with us, for your own... safety.

#6626068 (Planck): [whispered] I do NOT feel safe around that woman...
#3241592 (Pi): [whispered, to Justin] They're not your friends anymore. Killing them would be an act of mercy.

Justin: [grimacing, determined] I'm a U.G.A. agent. I'll do what I have to do.
[[Justin aims his pistol and fires.]]

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