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General Protection Fault: Scylla and Charybdis

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{{A flashback of four panels, told alternately by Socrates the Physaric and Pi and Plank the Grays}}

[[We see a rich, lush forest with a Physaric "walker" in the middle field, a Physaric "tank" in the background to the right, and two Physarics in the left foreground]]
Socrates: After exploring a number of worlds, we happened upon one with a rich biosphere of non-sapient fauna. Many of these species we knew would be immediately useful.

[[Four Grays with backpacks, one moving a plant front out of the way, one holding a scanner, the other two looking around]]
Pi: One of our survey teams had just cataloged a new planet with an incredibly rich biosphere. However, a DNA scan revealed something wasn't quite right...

[[Two Grays look over a scanner, one with narrowed eyes]]
Planck: Every planet has a unique DNA "fingerprint", a string of common genes that hint of its common evolutionary ancestry. Our team's scanners had isolated it for that planet, but a different fingerprint was also appearing.

[[Two Physarics in the foreground, the team of four Grays (now with two scanners out) in the background, one without a scanner kneeling down as if to take a soil sample]]
Socrates: But we had never seen this species before. They seemed obviously out of place, like they didn't belong, and they acted in a way we had never seen aliens behave before...

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