General Protection Fault: Scylla and Charybdis

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[[Fooker, Sharon, Justin, the Great Skaboola, the Grey warrior drone Bohr, Pi, Planck, and the drone from the previous strip walk down a hallway to the location where one of the Grey's captives is being held. Other drones watch with curiosity as they pass.]]
Fooker: Subject QR7-T64?
Skaboola: A human we "rescued" some time ago. He is working here in the research bay.

[[Our view closes in on the humans, who look over their shoulder as the Skaboola addresses them.]]
Skaboola: We had been monitoring him for some time due to his exceptional technical abilities. When we detected the presence of several Physarics near him, we beamed him aboard.

[[As the group approaches in the background, in the foreground we see someone with shaggy, unkempt black hair working diligently on some sort of technological panel. The humans all react with surprise.]]
Skaboola: Unfortunately, his cranial orb was damaged before we rescued him, so many of his memories are missing. We could not return him in such a state, so we have kept him here to study.

[[The view shifts, so now we see what the others were seeing. Before them is none other than Nick--"our" Nick--with a full, scraggy beard and a strange alien tool in his hand. Behind him are a number of bizarre machines similar to what we've seen numerous times in his workshop back on Earth.]]
Skaboola: In the meantime, he has proven exceptionally useful. His skill with technology is unparalleled for your species.
Nick: Oh...Hello...

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