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General Protection Fault: Scylla and Charybdis

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[[Location: unknown. Everything is dark and difficult to see. Something that looks like an egg encrusted in dirt or rock is surrounded by several more "eggs" just like it.]]

[[The top of the "egg" cracks open with a slight hiss, emitting a bit of smoke or steam.]]

[[With a huge gasp, Patty bursts out of a gel-like substance inside the egg. She's naked, wild-eyed, and covered in gel.]]

[[In another egg behind her Trish emerges in the same condition, coughing frantically. Wherever they are, it's cold; their breath condenses into puffs of steam. Patty shivers as she clutches the surface of the egg she's still in.]]
Trish: <<KOFF, COUGH>>
Patty: I don't know what airline this is, but next time we're NOT flying coach...

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