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General Protection Fault: Scylla and Charybdis

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[[The unidentified man from the previous strip stands next to Dexter. We still don't see his face as he continues speaking to the three others.]]
Man: And that, my friends, is why WE are here. You, me, my men... For us technology is life. For them, technology is death.
[[As he speaks he reaches up and slaps Dex on the back of his neck.]]
Dex: Ow...

[[The man moves behind Patty and Trish, who look up at him apprehensively. We still don't see his face, but we can see that he's bearded and that he's wearing what appears to be a dress military uniform.]]
Man: We hold, to them, a grave and deadly secret. We are either the key to their mastery of this galaxy, or the last hope of defense against it. Decisions, decisions...

[[He puts his hands on the back of the girls' necks. Trish seems resigned, but Patty grimaces and glares back at him.]]
Man: But listen to me... You don't want to hear the meandering ramblings of a senile old man...
Patty: Who ARE you...?

[[As he leans down, conspiratorially, we finally see the man's face, revealed to be Colonel Lionel Barker. He whispers his answer to Patty's question.]]
Colonel: [whispering] The savior of the human race.

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