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General Protection Fault: Scylla and Charybdis

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[[With another "SPLORCH" another storage pod on the Physarics' ship disgorges another captive human, who lays unconscious on the floor in front of the same three Physarics who attended to Trudy.]]
Physaric: It's a shame about that one. I wonder how she became "immune"...
Physaric: [looking at the new human] What makes this one a "special case"?

[[The three Physarics wander down next to the unconscious human.]]
Physaric: I sense a higher dose of neural sedative. We can't acquire it in this state.
Physaric: No, this one is slated for dissection.

Physaric: We received a distress call from a brother controlling this creature. It somehow... reasserted itself and regained control. Sadly, our brother was lost, so this specimen is reserved for study.

[[The view shifts, and we see the face of the human they're discussing. It's Nega-Nick.]]
Physaric: We need to learn how it regained control in order to prevent such lapses in the future.
Physaric: Needless to say, the Colonel need not be informed...

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