General Protection Fault: Scylla and Charybdis

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[[Trudy and Esther continue their discussion in Esther's camp. Trudy is still dripping goo from the tunnels below, and clutching Esther's jacket around her.]]
Trudy: [eyes wide, surprised] B-Barker? Does ... he happen to have a son?
Esther: Two, in fact. And yes, they're related. I know all about your little company.

Esther: Not long after your father and I "parted company," the Colonel came to me with a "proposition." He knew that Diederich was a front for my less reputable chemical businesses.

Trudy: He blackmailed you.
Esther: Oh, he was more suave and charming about it, but essentially, yes. I could help him, or I could be exposed.

Esther: It was simple at first: Use my vast network of contacts to distribute his "inventory" across the globe. Only once I learned what his "inventory" was, I was in too deep...

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