General Protection Fault: Scylla and Charybdis

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[[Trudy and Esther Matusevitch are still sitting at the fire.]]
Trudy: I assume that if you're here, your partnership with the Colonel didn't end well...
Esther: Yes, I have you to thank for that...

[[Trudy looks defensive.]]
Esther: No, you didn't do anything, except show up at the resort. When I learned you were there, I warned Lionel there would be trouble if you were harmed. Needless to say, trouble ensued.

[[Side view. Trudy looks neutral, Esther looks chagrined.]]
Esther: But by that point, I had already outlived my usefulness. I knew too much. If he let the aliens take me, I would probably tip his hand to them. So I was "retired"... with the rest of the garbage.

[[Close-up of Esther, looking regretful.]]
Esther: I lost some of my best "lieutenants". Melanie, Melissa, even Anna... all alien slaves now, running my empire. Then Victor, and I thought I lost you... Lionel has destroyed everything I cared about.

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