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General Protection Fault: Scylla and Charybdis

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[[Ki picks up her shirt while Nick adjusts the zipper on his jumpsuit.]]
Ki: When... I last saw you, you were going on a business trip with Trudy...
Nick: To... somewhere that had to do with locks...

[[Ki raises a finger, as if to make a point, but Nick beats her to the punch with his back turned. His expression turns darker, more focused.]]
Nick: Not locks... Lakatos... We met with people, gave presentations, had a dinner... we were all dressed up... Trudy was suspicious, so we snuck off...

[[Ki puts a hand on Nick's shoulder, seeing his agitation. Nick's anger builds at his memories, his back still turned to keep Ki from seeing his glowering face.]]
Nick: I saw... crates. Tons of them, with locks on the side... Men with guns... An FBI agent, they did something to her... We were tied up, but we got away...

[[Nick's fury builds.]]
Nick: We argued... She kissed me, but I told her that ship had sailed, I loved _you_... I said she wasn't "my" Trudy anyway, then she said... she said...

References: All of Nick's memories come from Year Twelve's "Masquerade"
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