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General Protection Fault: Scylla and Charybdis

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[[Drone 27182818, Ki, and Nick are in the transporter room, transporting something in with the <ZWIRIRIRIRIRIRING> sound.]]
27182818: Is that all of it?
Nick: That's it. Thanks, 27182818.

Ki: [whispering] The MUTEX and Velociraptor? What are you planning...?
Nick: [whispering] Not sure yet. Got a last ditch idea; I'm hoping something better crops up.

[[Nick goes to examine the cargo.]]
27182818: You're... not supposed to have this level of technology for another couple centuries...
Nick: Yeah, no one ever warned me of that.
[[Ki's phone goes <BLORP>, drawing her attention.]]

Ki: [examining her phone] Was that... "Friend Field"?
Fooker: [walking in] Yep. Time for an impromptu team conference call...

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