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General Protection Fault: Scylla and Charybdis

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[[Fooker, Sharon, Ki, Nick, and Justin are in a conference, with Pi, Planck, and E listening in from outside the room. The humans huddle around a table or pedistal, on which Fooker's smartphone is perched.]]
Fooker: That's not _all_ the details, but we don't have time for the "War and Peace" edition.
Dexter: [via phone] Same on our end.

Sharon: So the Greys were right: the Physarics are already nearly in control of the Earth.
Nick: And the Greys will nuke the planet to keep them from taking it.

[[Patty, Socrates, Dexter, Fred, Persephone, and Trish conference around Dexter's phone aboard the other alien "ship". All of them seem defeated.]]
Patty: Then it doesn't matter _who_ wins. Earth's toast no matter what, and there's squat any of us can do about it.

Dexter: [Defiantly] We're not defeated yet! As Commander Taggart would say, "Never give up, never surrender!"
Patty: [Annoyed] By Grabthar's Hammer, I am _so_ inspired to die a horrid, fiery death now...

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