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General Protection Fault: Scylla and Charybdis

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[[Nick has Fooker's phone in a gadget with the characteristic Velociraptor column behind it, while Sharon and Fooker look on.]]
Nick: Relax, Fooker. Your phone should come through this unscathed. But even if it doesn't, it's a noble sacrifice.
Fooker: My poor baby...
[[Sharon rolls her eyes.]]

[[Pi, Planck, E, the Great Skaboola, and the Grand Protuberance teleport in with the characteristic <ZIRIRIRIRING> sound.]]
Skaboola: [Gesturing toward Nick] Subject QR7-T64, your rotundness...
Protuberance: Yes, I scanned your report. State your request, human.

[[Nick stands in the center of Sharon, Ki, and a determined-looking Fooker. All are looking upward, presumably toward the Protuberance, who is out of frame.]]
Nick: I request that you drop this shop's cloak, and open a communication channel to the lead Physaric ship. I wish to negotiate with you and your enemies on behalf of the people of Earth.

Protuberance: Our telepathy does not work with the Physarics, and they have never responded to our electromagnetic communication attempts.
Nick: You may be surprised at what we can do. I'll give you some frequencies to try.

References: "Subject QR7-T64"
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