General Protection Fault: Scylla and Charybdis

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[[In an office on Earth, three workers spasm in pain, while two look curiously. One of those who are spasming has a cellphone.]]
Colonel Lionel Barker: [inset] "What's happening? What have you done?"

[[On a street, two policemen and a firefighter have Physarics of different colors begin to emerge. Another firefighter reacts to help the first, and a woman with a purse looks on in horror. She has a cellphone in her purse, and one of the policemen has one in his breast pocket.]]
Nick: [inset] "Our friends on your ship told us about your secret plan to eventually liberate Earth by using ultra-sonic waves to drive the Physarics away."

[[In the UGA offices, we see Agent #12 (Maddie O'Hara), Agent #18 (Blawgus), and Agent #7560 all with Physarics leaving their bodies. Agent #18 in particular has grasped the one that had infested him, and looks to be ready to fling it to the ground.]]
Nick: [inset] "Let's just say I accelerated your plan by hooking into the cellular network and turning every phone on the planet into a speaker for your sound."

[[Agent #18 has a fire extinguisher trained on a Physaric, with Agent #12 glaring behind her.]]
Nick: [inset] "After all, what's more ubiquitous than a cell phone? _Everyone_ has one... or is at least within listening distance of someone else who does..."

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