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General Protection Fault: Scylla and Charybdis

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[[Back on the Grey flagship...]]
Nick: Grand Protuberance! I beg of you--
Protuberance: Your inventive trick was impressive, human, but for how long have you truly repelled them?

Protuberance: History has shown the Physarics to be persistent and single-minded. Irrelevant of the human "Colonel's" involvement, they have designs for your world, and one setback will not deter them permanently.

Protuberance: We shall do what we can to preserve your planet. However, total extermination has thus far been the only fully effective means of decontamination. You have our apologies in advance.

[[The Protuberance looks over at his guard, who is still at the console.]]
Protuberance: [to guard] Initiate tactical maneuver Upsilon Theta 552. Open fire on my command, and prepare... the "Planet Sanitizer"...

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