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General Protection Fault: Scylla and Charybdis

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[[Chapter Seven. Some time has passed since Nick's destruction of Planet Earth. Patty has been awakened by a tapping noise.]]
<<tap tap tap tap>>

[[The scene expands, and we see that she's laying on a bed in a small room. Across the room from her Trish, clad in a nightshirt, works at a computer. The computer isn't one of ours, as the "screen" is translucent, floating in mid-air, and is surrounded by symbols of unknown meaning but which we've seen before of various Grey control panels.]]
Patty: Are you still typing that? I thought you were done hours ago.
Trish: I w-wanted to add one m-more thing b-before I f-forgot it.

Trish: [turning to Patty] I've always k-kept a j-journal, and i-it's important we d-document w-what happened. Th-this c-could be the l-last wr-ritten r-record of the human r-race.

[[Patty angrily lays back down and pulls her pillow up over her head.]]
Patty: Oh, you KNOW Dexter's jotting it all down, starting each entry with "Captain's Log..."
Trish: [smiling] Y-yeah... He's really t-taken this all in s-stride...

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