General Protection Fault: Scylla and Charybdis

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[[Fred and Socrates "walk" through a passage on the Physaric ship after addressing the Syncytium.]]
Fred: You lied to them about the cure.
Socrates: Yes. I've come to see things from your perspective.

Socrates: Earth may be out of the picture, but giving them the cure would still cause an imbalance that could threaten the entire galaxy. Without it, we and the Greys are more evenly matched.

Socrates: I noticed YOU didn't tell them about Persephone...
Fred: She and I discussed it. It's... for the best.

Fred: As much as we'd both like to know more about where we came from, we don't particularly like what we have seen. And keeping her a secret keeps the cure a secret as well.

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