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General Protection Fault: Scylla and Charybdis

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[[Nick and the Grand Protuberance continue their conversation. The Protuberance is trying to get Nick to reveal what he really did to the Earth.]]
Nick: I destroyed the Earth, exactly like I said I did. I would rather see it destroyed by me than be a pawn in your interstellar war.
Protuberance: [turned away, smiling] I do not believe you.

Protuberance: [facing Nick] Whatever your method of concealing it, it is certainly effective. We cannot detect a cloak, there is no debris, and there is no lingering radiation. It has simply vanished.

Nick: [determined, with a slight smile] There's an old earth saying: A good magician never reveals his secrets.
Protuberance: As you wish, human. However, I give you this word of warning...

Protuberance: [shoving a finger at Nick] You have demonstrated a power far greater than anything our two great empires have witnessed before. Wielding such power is dangerous... And once revealed, cannot be hidden...

References: Someone has already taken notice of Nick's activities...
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