General Protection Fault: Scylla and Charybdis

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Patty: Yeah, about that... This "Nega-Nick" guy, your double from another universe... If he was lost between dimensions, how the heck did he wind up here?
Nick: I... don't know.

Patty: That's my point. He was lost and miraculously escaped. If _he_ survived...
Nick: The variables are infinite, a cosmic needle in a haystack.

(Patty dopeslaps Nick)
Patty: For cryin' out loud! Get a hold of yourself, Nick! You just demonstrated that you move an entire _planet_ and you're going to let a little "cosmic haystack" stop you?

Patty: If _anyone_ is going to find the Earth, it has to be _you_. So are you going to just sit here and feel sorry for yourself, or are you going to be a Super Geek and _do_ something about it?

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