General Protection Fault: Scylla and Charybdis

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[[Epilogue II]]
[[We see a sort of "bubble," containing the image of Nega-Nick walking away from us (from the previous strip). A booming trans-dimensional voice is commenting.]]
TD voice: This is not good...
TD voice: This is very, VERY not good...

[[The view zooms out a bit, and we see several other "bubbles" with other scenes in them. Another, more mundane, voice adds to the on-going comments.]]
Voice: Um, I don't think the Hundred Years' War was supposed to end that way...

[[The view zooms out a bit more, and we see two details. First, that there are a rather large number of these "bubbles" floating about, and second that the more mundane voice belongs to Todd.]]
Todd: Just sayin', "Saint Catherine", I think Joan of Arc was meant to go to Orléans, France, in 1429, NOT Louisiana in 1829...

[[The trans-dimensional voice is revealed to be a frazzled and frustrated Mischief, who turns to respond to Todd's comments.]]
Mischief: [frantic] I'M A LITTLE BUSY! *YOU* HANDLE IT!
[[Todd looks nonplussed...]

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