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[[Nick is in Dr. Granger's medical lab, where she and Grey clone #6022140 ("Avogadro") are doing his physical exam.]]
Nick: [to Granger] Just be patient with Avogadro, Doctor. He's a hard worker, just like all the Greys. He'll get a hang of this eventually.
[[Avogadro smiles thankfully.]]

Granger: I'm sure he will. I'll have him trained in no time. No amount of whiz-bang technology can be a replacement for experience.

Nick: [to Granger, cautioning] I wouldn't dismiss their tech too quickly. They're a couple of centuries ahead of us in a lot of areas. You might find their diagnostic equipment to be incredibly useful.

Avogadro: [consulting his tablet] You have a 15.3274% probability of macular degeneration in your right optic orb within the next 20 earth years.
Nick: [dryly, to Granger] Maybe a little TOO useful...

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