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[[Nick continues his inaugural mission speech, gesturing as he addresses the volunteers.]]
Nick: For each mission, I want each team to have at least one "veteran" who has used the MUTEX before. That person will guide the "newbies" until they gain experience.

[[Nick gestures to Trish and Patty, who stand at the front of the audience. Fooker stands in the foreground next to Nick.]]
Nick: For our first mission, Fooker and I will be our veterans. Patty and Trish have volunteered to round out the team.
Patty: [Dryly] For loose definitions of "volunteer"...
[[Trish waves nervously to the others.]]

[[Our view switches to Nick's other side, where we see Ki and Sharon standing off to the side behind him.]]
Nick: I want the rest of you to watch via the monitors. Other vets like Ki, Dex, and Sharon will be here to answer questions.
Ki: At least we'll TRY to. No guarantee they'll be CORRECT answers.

[[We take position behind Nick, looking over his shoulders as his audience watches intently.]]
Nick: Learn from our successes--and mistakes--as we make them. Nobody's going to be perfect, but we MUST be thorough. We can't afford to overlook the obvious.

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