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[[Nick and Ki have donned their robes and are now making their way through the halls of the Grey ship, seeking a reason behind the warning klaxon they heard. As they pass the MUTEX control room, they overhear a booming Grey voice issuing orders.]]
Grey: Discontinue this device's operation immediately.
Ki: [Pointing toward the door] Nick, the MUTEX control room...

[[The two run inside to find Bohr, the warrior Grey, dressed in battle armor and looming over Pi, who is operating the MUTEX.]]
Pi: I can't. Not until the "away team" returns to this universe.
Bohr: Unacceptable. Terminate the power source now, or I will.
Nick: [Shouting] Bohr!

[[We peer over the giant Grey's shoulder as he looms over Nick and Ki. Ki is surprised, but Nick defiant.]]
Nick: If you shut down the MUTEX now, you'll strand our people with no way back.
Bohr: We are in emergency lock-down. We must engage our cloaking device immediately.

[[Bohr gestures toward the glowing power column of Velociraptor as Pi stands nearby.]]
Bohr: This device's power signature is so great that engaging the cloak while it is operational is impossible. The ship's safety is more important than a handful of human explorers.

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