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[[Planck is steered roughly and unceremoniously ahead of his two soldier drone escorts. While we cannot see where he is being led, it is obvious enough that he is dreading something. One soldier places a huge hand on Planck's shoulder and brings him to a halt.]]
Soldier: Wait here.

[[The soldiers turn around and exit, leaving Planck in a small, round room by himself. There are no furnishings. There is a rounded doorway on the side of the room opposite where he entered, as well as a display panel written in the Greys' symbolic alien script. The door behind him makes a <<TSHF>> sound as the soldiers exit.]]
Planck: [Tentatively] Um... hello?
[[Another Grey voice crackles over an intercom.]]
Voice: State your designation.

[[Unsure of where the voice is coming from, Planck looks around nervously.]]
Planck: Um, Planck? No, Drone #6626068.
Voice: State your FULL designation.
Planck: Oh, um, Protuberance Omicron, Skaboola Tau Sigma, Scientist Drone #6626068, Revision Twelve.

Voice: Revision Twelve? You should be on at least Revision Eighteen by now. You missed six revisions...?
Planck: [Cringing] I REALLY don't want to talk about that right now...

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