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[[As Pi works the MUTEX control panel, Fooker, Sharon, and Trudy enter the room.]]
Fooker: I see Mr. Sulu's already at the helm. Looks like we just need our fourth.
[[From off-panel, a voice chimes in, drawing Sharon's attention.]]
Voice: Present and accounted for, sir.

[[Fooker steps forward to greet a tall, thin man with an extremely short hair cut, making him practically bald. The man gives Fooker a military salute.]]
Johnson: Lt. Stewart Johnson, sir. I served as an aide to Col. Barker--
Fooker: [Returning the salute half-heartedly] At east, L.T. We're a lot less formal 'round these parts.

[[As Sharon and Trudy prepare their MUTEX helmets, Sharon listens in on the men's conversation.]]
Fooker: [Stroking his beard] I suspect Dad was grooming you for the U.G.A...
Johnson: No idea, sir. He never mentioned it.
Fooker: Of course not.

Johnson: [Apologetically] He... uh, also didn't mention YOU, sir. Your brother, though...
Fooker: [Slightly annoyed] No sweat there, Stew. Ain't holding the old man's grudges against his troops.

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