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[[The white cat turns from the window and looks skeptically toward the "away team".]]
Cat: I will assume, since you "just got here", that none of you saw him, or the equipment he had with him...?
Fooker: Like we said, chief, we just pooped in out of nowhere.

[[The cat holds up his smartphone. The screen displays a mugshot of a white male rabbit. He seems to be large and muscular, and sports a defiant, mocking smirk.]]
Cat: Then have any of you seen this rabbit? Just under two metres, 91 kilos, missing whiskers on his right side...
Fooker: [Off-panel] Nope, but he seems like a cheery fellow...

[[The cat turns to walk away, apparently convinced that our heroes doesn't have any useful information.]]
Fooker: [Calling after him] I assume this is part of some sort of criminal investigation?
Cat: Of a sort. He's an international terrorist, and it's my duty to bring him down.

[[We focus on the cat, who turns slightly to give our heroes (and the reader) a slight smile.]]
Cat: The name is Smythe. D.C. Smythe. Now if you'll excuse me, "Alice" needs to find the rabbit's hole.

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