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[[A narration box reads: "Meanwhile, not far away and beneath the city..." A shadowy figure walks along a dark, underground passage, possibly in a sewer or access tunnel. In the foreground, another figure with his back to the reader turns and levels a machine gun barrel at the intruder.]]
Guard: Oi! 'Oo goes there!

[[The new arrival steps out of the shadows. It is "Joe T.", the mercenary mentioned by D.C. Smythe previously. With no apparent fear or concern, he steps up to the guard, grabs the gun barrel, and shoves it out of the way. The guard, who we now can see is an alligator, seems somewhat surprised by the action, then apologetic.]]
Tee: 'Tis me, ya twit. Now put that yoke there down before ya hurt yourself.
Guard: Cor, Tee, didn't sees it wuz you...

[[Joe T. storms past the reptilian guard, who falls into step behind him.]]
Tee: Shut yer gob, Al. There's worse hames to be had in this kip than you actin' the maggot. Is the boss about?
Guard: 'E's 'ere. An' a mite sore yous being late...

[[As Tee looks over his shoulder back at "Al" and the reader, we look into the darkness beyond him.]]
Tee: I amn't been mitchin' about, now. If he wants the job done, I aims to do it right.
[[From the shadows, another figure draped in darkenss responds. He stands errect, with his hands clasped behind his back. Otherwise, his features are completely obscured.]]
Shadowy Figure: And I expect nothing less than perfection, my leporine lackey...

References: "Joe T."
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