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[[As Chris leaves the MUTEX chamber with a concerned look on her face, Patty turns to face Trish.]]
Patty: OK, let's get everything straight. Do you still stand by what you said about you and Dex? About ME and Dex?
Trish: Y-yes. H-he c-cares about you. H-he's M-MISSED you.

Patty: So you're OK if I express my feelings for him?
Trish: H-he n-needs to kn-know how you f-feel about him. I-it's h-healthier if you b-both know how you f-feel about each other.

Patty: [Skeptically] And that doesn't... BOTHER you?
Trish: [Smiling] P-Patty, I'm your f-friend! Of C-COURSE I want to k-keep him for m-myself, but th-that d-doesn't mean you sh-shouldn't get a f-fair sh-shot.

Patty: [Touched] You think of me... as your friend...?
Trish: Y-yes! And n-no m-matter what happens, I w-want b-both you and D-Dex to be happy!

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