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[[Patty stands in the doorway while Fooker sits next "Mike", who Fooker says was GPF Software's first employee. To Fooker's surprise, Mike and Patty seem to know each other, but they don't see happy to see each other. Mike looks angry, while Patty almost looks terrified. She has also just called him "Mark".]]
Fooker: [Surprised] Hold on a tick... "Mark"? Where'd THAT come from? And you two KNOW each other?
Mike: You could say that.

Mike: Mark's my middle name. Michael Mark Morrison. I always went by "Mike" professionally. But my family's always called me "Mark" since my dad was also Michael.

Fooker: Wait a nano... your FAMILY? You two are RELATED?
Mike: Well, we were GOING to be...

Mike: [Scowling at Patty] Then my FIANCEE did something unforgivable I decided to call the wedding off.
[[Patty seems almost on the verge of panic.]]

References: "Mark" and Patty's failed wedding: (1) (2) (3) (4)
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