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Explore the Comics Archive and read every GPF strip ever made! Following this link to start at the first strip. Then use the arrow links to scroll through the strips day by day. Or, use the story list drop-down list to jump to your favorite GPF stories. It's the easiest way to explore to world of GPF! A weekly archive is also available, with all of a week's strips on a single page, as well as our "High-Definition Edition" archvies, with larger, higher quality strips. However, these options are only available to subscribers of GPF Premium.
Archives By Date
If you'd rather have a simple calendar interface, then here's the place to go! Follow this link to see a series of calendars filled with links to individual strips. Great for seeing how strips relate to each other by date. (Warning! This page can get very large and can be slow to load!)
Story Index
Want to look through a whole GPF story, but you don't know the date? Then here's where to start. The Story Index features a chronological list of the individual stories, with links that lets you jump right into the Archive at the start. Best place to look when you know what you want, but not when it was. (Warning! This page can get very large and can be slow to load!)
Comic Search Engine
Use this nifty, uber-kewl search engine to look up any text in the GPF archives! It's lightning fast and surprisingly versitile. The ultimate archive companion tool for die-hard Faulties!
Comic Transcriptions
You can help improve our search engine by helping transcribe comics. Just click on the "Transcribe this comic" or "Improve transcription" buttons that appear under certain strips in the archive. If you want more information about how our transcriptions work or just want a list of comics that need transcriptions, just follow this link.
Author's Notes Search
GPF Premium subscribers now have the ability to search the exclusive Author's Notes database for text contained within the Notes themselves. Do you remember reading something in a Note but don't recall where it was? Use this search to find out!
Author's Notes Latest Updates
GPF Premium subscribers can now track the latest changes to the Author's Notes database by checking out this page. It lists the most recent additions and modifications so you can check out newly annotated strips without having to do a complete archive crawl to find them.
Mischief's Night Out
Originally intended to be the bonus story of our third book, this 16-page miniseries was released online in 2007 as filler material. Now the entire story is available online. Warning: Contains some material that may be considered "PG" or "PG-13".
Bonus Story from GPF Book #1
GPF Premium subscribers can now read online the entire bonus story from our first Plan Nine book, Mating Call of the North American Computer Geek. Read the first ever adventure of Absolutely Incredible Man and the Absolutely Incredibles, and learn why Nick wouldn't want Ki to ever find it!
Bonus Story from GPF Book #2
GPF Premium subscribers can now read online the entire bonus story from our second Plan Nine book, Gone with the Windows. Read about Secret Agent Geek James Baud in his second official adventure, featuring Fred as his unwilling sidekick and the first ever appearance of Doctor Not!
New! GPF's Story from Keenspot's L33T: Comics for Gamers #4
GPF Premium subscribers can now read online our three-page original story from Keenspot's 2002 L33T: Comics for Gamers #4 comic book. Read about Fooker's second confrontation with the Brotherhood of the Twisted Pair, referenced here but otherwise not available in the Archive. When the Brotherhood challenges Fooker to a Quake III deathmatch, will the Blond Wonder mop the floor with them, or will his Achilles' heal be revealed?

Note: Several sub-sections of this area, like the Sunday Index, the Introduction pages, and the Parodies list, have been removed because they are no longer as relevant as they used to be. All of this information can be found by perusing the main archive or the various links above.

April Fools' Day Pranks

April Fools' Day has a long tradition here at GPF. Here are a few notes and links to some of our pranks from years past.

April Fools' 1999
On April 1, 1999, we participated in the Great Internet April Fools' Comic Switch. Read the swap between GPF and Mayberry Melonpool, then surf on to see more of this hilarious event!
April Fools' 2000
Yep! We did it again! For 2000, we switched with Nosferatu, the online animated cartoon! Check out the awesome animated GPF installment!
April Fools' 2001
For 2001, we had a "how many things can you find wrong with this picture" puzzle, complete with upside-down answers. (Make sure to flip your monitor upside-down to read the answers. If you're using a tablet, keep flipping it until it shows up correctly....)
April Fools' 2004
For 2004, we reversed the color of everything on the front page of the site, including the comic. Sadly, the reversed version of the page and comic are no longer available.
April Fools' 2006
For 2006, we reverted the site to a "retro" look to make it look like an early 1990's Web page, complete with default fonts, backgrounds, and HTML <BLINK> tags. The comic for that day was even done in an MS Paint clip-art style. However, since this occurred deep in the middle of To Thine Own Self..., I didn't want to make that the permanent version of the comic. Click through to see the original joke version of the page, then click any link on that page to see the follow-up explanation.
April Fools' 2011
For our 2011 April Fools' prank, I surreptitiously programmed the GPF site to redirect all requests to the linked-to page, making it look like the U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement office had seized our domain for copyright infringement. I then took to social media and implemented with a frenzied series of posts (the Twitter version has been archived here, on my blog) that had me being pursued and eventually captured by federal authorities. While most people did pick up on the prank pretty quickly, I did have a few fans who were genuinely shocked and concerned for my welfare. All (or at least most) has been since forgiven, but personally I think this was one of my best April Fools' pranks to date. (Note: Use the "Back" feature in your browser to return back to this page, because there are no links on that page.)
April Fools' 2016
For 2016, I wanted to do something completely different. I took over the front page of the site with this short but extremely cool retro text adventure game, preserved at the linked-to URL for posterity. While the game is winnable in as few as four moves, getting a perfect score is tricky and requires a bit of nostalgia and thinking. Type "exit" or "quit" to leave the game, which will take you back to the main page of the site. Can you find all the hidden Easter eggs?
April Fools' 2019
I didn't have time to do anything for 2017 or 2018, and as April Fools' 2019 crept up rapidly, I didn't want to let it slip by again. So at (almost) the last minute, I decided to do a parody of the Fedora/Apache default "new install" page. I tweaked the text to add some humorous comments and even edited the Fedora and Apache "powered by" images to change them to "Foodora" and "Apatchy". (The "Foo" is for "Fooker" or "foo and bar", take your pick, while "Apatchy" is a reverse pun on Apache, which got its name because its developers called it "a patchy server".) Clicking on any of the links on the page would take you to the real front page with the April 1st comic.
April Fools' 2021
This year, we flashed back to 1998 with a parody/homage to the old classic Hamster Dance page. Rather than cha-cha-ing Cricetinae, we give you dozens of Fookers doing the Cabbage Patch and... whatever that weird side-to-side thing he's doing. And if you're either brave or masochistic enough, there's even a parody of the "Hamster Dance Song" that's sufficiently different enough to (hopefully) keep us from getting sued by a rather large, mouse-themed media conglomerate. The "Fooker Dance" took over the front page for a day, although since April 1st was on a Thursday this year, it didn't generate a whole lot of buzz. That said, it lives permanently at this URL for posterity.

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