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[[Nick and Fooker stand just inside Fooker's apartment, in front of the open door labelled "G". The two stare at the mess in the living room in front of them. Clothes are strewn around the room. A line with underwear and a shirt is strung across part of the room. A sock has fallen onto the TV, and another article of clothing dangles from the corner of an off-kilter picture on the wall. A slice of pizza is stuck to the wall, along with several other large splotches that may or may not be food. An open pizza box is visible on the floor, and another slide of pizza sits on the back of the sofa), with a rat next to it. An open noodle box with chop sticks sticking out sits on the sofa, along with a UNIX book. A dark stain or shadow of a sitting person is visible in the middle of the sofa. A splotch (perhaps of food) is visible on the side of the TV, along with an apple core and some cola cans on top (along with the fallen sock). A container of milk sits on a small coffee table next to the sofa, along with a bowl with a spoon and possibly a box of cereal. Flies buzz above them. Nick looks a little stunned and Fooker stands with his hands in his pockets.]]
Nick: Gee,... I'm speechless...
Fooker: Humbling, isn't it?

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