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[[Nick is visiting Fooker's apartment. Fooker has his back to Nick, holding up a box as if putting it in a cabinet. Meanwhile, Nick is observing the green slime they discovered and which is now slithering around in a bowl.]]
Fooker: So, what do you think my "roommate" is?
Nick: It looks like a new species of slime mold.

[[The "slime mold" reaches toward Nick as Nick turns to face Fooker. Fooker still has his back turned to Nick and the reader.]]
Fooker: It kinda smells funky.
Nick: Fooker, everything in your apartment smells funky.

[[The "slime mold" steals Nick's glasses from his face as Fooker turns and stares at the ceiling thoughtfully.]]
Fooker: You know, now that you mention it...

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