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[[Dwayne, Nick, and Fooker stand before an organized pile of tractor-feed printouts, circuit boards, and 5-1/4" floppy disks.]]
Dwayne: Fooker, what _is_ this?
Fooker: It's a 1/1000-scale replica of the New York City skyline, made of old printouts, circuit boards, and disks.

[[Fooker gestures to encompass all of his creation.]]
Fooker: You said to put more imagination into our work. Well... my imagination ran away from me.

[[Dwayne places his hand on his head in disbelief. Meanwhile, Nick has walked out of frame and is now off-screen.]]
Dwayne: This isn't happening...
Nick: [off-screen] Hey Dwayne! Check out this bust of Eisenhower...
Fooker: Actually, it's Captain Picard...

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