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[[Nick and Ki are sitting, Nick at his computer, Ki next to him. Fooker is behind them, standing, pointing his thumb back at something off-screen. Ki is looking at Fooker over her shoulder, as if he just walked in.]]
Fooker: Hey, gang! Remember how a week ago Dwayne talked about hiring a new marketing director?
Nick: Yeah. Why?

[[Close shot of Fooker]]
Fooker: He's been interviewing people all week, and I think he's called someone back today.

[[Back to group shot. Fooker is standing with his hands on his hips, looking back over his shoulder. Nick is still looking at his monitor, and Ki is still looking at Fooker, pr perhaps glaring at him.]]
Fooker: I hope it's a babe...
Ki: If he says that one more time, I'm gonna pull a Lorena Bobbit...

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