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[[Ki and Fooker are seated at a table. Ki holds a lit cigarette in one hand while resting her chin in the other, while Fooker holds a coffee mug with "UNIX" written on the side.]]
Ki: I don't know what to do, Fooker. Trudy's been tormenting me all week for no apparent reason. It's driving me nuts!

[[The two now appear in silhouette.]]
Ki: We knew she was odd from the start, but lately, she's gotten downright hostile. I almost think she's been conspiring against me. I never did anything to her, I tried to be nice, and what do I get back?

Ki: Um... what's that white powdery stuff in your coffee?
Fooker: [Looking down into his cup] Dunno. Trudy gave it to me. It makes it taste like almonds...

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