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[[Fooker is sitting at his computer, typing. Trudy is standing behind him, wearing an overcoat (or perhaps a raincoat). She's holding it closed with her hands on the lapels, just under her breasts. Fooker turns his head to the right as Trudy starts speaking.]]
Trudy: Fooker, I need your opinion on something...
Fooker: Uh... Okay...

Trudy: [[flashes Fooker]] Is this outfit a little too skimpy to wear in public?
[[Fooker's eyes poing out, his hair stands straight on end and he jerks back at the sight.]]

Trudy: [[turns away from Fooker, her coat now closed again, and grinning triumphantly]] Guess so...
Fooker: [[right hand covering his eyesockets, left hand reaching down, perhaps feeling around for his eyeballs]] Uh, hold it... don't step on my eye-balls...

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