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[[Fooker angrily storms into the room]]
Fooker: All right, Trudy! We need to talk! This pointless torture has to stop now!
Trudy: ?

[[Trudy, wearing a malicious grin, puts her hand on his chest. Fooker starts flop-sweating.]]
Trudy: Oh, but Fooker, this is only my form of FOREPLAY. You see, I'm preparing you for the most stimulating, mind-numbing, sexual experience of your life, where I will PLEASURE you endlessly for weeks on end!
Fooker: <<gulp>>

[[Fooker has melted, Trudy's malicious grin has deepened]]
Trudy: So you wait like a good boy while I fetch my handcuffs and torture devices...
Fooker: 'kay...

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