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{{Note: I've tried to figure out the characters comics and characters from the names in the acknowledgements, but I may very well be wrong for some of those. Characters I couldn't locate are marked by ??? below. Also, I couldn't find a comic by "Kearsley".}}

[[The entrance gate to Nerdvana. Above the gate, in large block letters, is the name NERDVANA, with a sign just underneath reading "THE GEEKIEST PLACE ON EARTH". Below, a display reads "Over 3,004,763.9834617 served". Left of the NERDVANA sign is an anthropomorphic robot standing with legs and arms spread, that appears to welcome the visitors. On the other side of the sign is a satellite, solar panels deployed.

Above the curtain wall, we see parts of some of the rides: a stick and ball model of a molecule, a mock-up of a USA space program rocket with 4 stubby aircraft attached to it by rods (possibly part of a merry-go-round), a model the Enterprise from The Original Series, and the head and shoulders of a bipedal dinosaur.

On the wall itself are posters for some of the rides: DEV
NULL (unidentifiable drawing on poster), CHEMISTS' LAGOON (drawing on poster may be a 3-eyed fish), and NULL POINTER (unidentifiable drawing on poster).

Among the people waiting outside the Nerdvana entrance gate are: Lev Babiev from Babiev & Campling's Hosers; Miranda, Mike, and Greg from Illiad's User Friendly; Mayberry Melonpool from Steve Troop's Melonpool; ???; Roger Pepitone from Maritza Campos-Rebolledo's College Roomies From Hell; and Torg and Riff from Pete Abram's Sluggy Freelance.

Nick, Ki, and Fooker are next to Lev Babiev, Ki sporting a wide goofy (or perhaps dreamy) smile.]]
Nick: I wonder if this is the right place...

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