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Confused? Good! It's the HOSERS/GPF Crossover!
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[Comic for Thursday, February 17, 2000]


[[Fooker and Lev (from Hosers) get kicked out of the All-You-Can-Eat Pizza Palace. Inside, someone is putting an "Out Of Business" sign in the window.]]

[[Outside donut joint with sign reading "Donut Vista - Open 24 hrs" next to giant upright donut.]]
Lev [[grinning savagely and pointing at donut store]]: Dessert?
Fooker: I've never been kicked out of a doughnut shop before...

[[Lev and Fooker run across the street toward the donut joint. A waiter spots them from the doorway, and looks startled.]]
Lev: My friend, you haven't _lived_... until _now_.
Fooker: Kewl!
Waiter: Incoming!

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