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Confused? Good! It's the HOSERS/GPF Crossover!
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[[Nick and Aric Campling (from Hosers) are standing in the street. Nick is sweating profusely, shaking, and his face is flushed. He's wearing knee pants and a white T-shirt, and Aric is wearing a vaguely StarTrek-ish uniform with a rectangular symbol emblazoned on his left breast.]]
Nick: <<wheeze>> You think... we're far enough... from that madhouse...?
Aric: A hundred feet? It's no marathon, but I think we're out of immediate danger.

Aric: Are you OK? Your face is bright red...
Nick [[still shaking and sweating]]: Just a little... out of shape... nothing a heart attack... wouldn't fix...

[[Nick topples backward. Aric looks startled. For the first time, we notice he's holding something that looks like an Star Trek tricorder in his left hand. (His hands were out of the frame on previous panels.)]]
Aric: As a member of the medical profession, I have to say you don't look so good...
Nick: I'm fine... just be back... in a few... minutes...

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